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    Silicone dicks for putting into holes!

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= Cher is Now Available for Preorder =

Meet Cher, our anthro pteranodon with an interesting ability to make the air around him tingle the senses. Must be his Big Dick Energy, or something. Starting with a pointed tip and a thick head, Cher transitions into a long, textured shaft, culminating in a massive knot at the base of his monsterous cock.
As for the tingly feeling, Cher tells us its no more than 3.6 Roentgen. We're told it's the equeivalent of a chest x-ray.

Cher is best for more intermediate to advanced users with his length and knot. The larger sizes are great for experienced users and those who enjoy long toys with massive knots. The smallest size is more beginner friendly, however still presenting a challenge with his knot.
Cher's natural color scheme also glows in the dark!

Preorder now and receive all three stickers with your toy, in both large and small versions, along with a preorder exclusive large sticker AND a free Ram Squishy with your order!

Preorders are expected to ship near the end of August 2024!